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                                          Brand positioning advantages

                                          YOODN door chair famous host Li Xiang, as the brand image of the spokesman and Macalline and other domestic furniture firmsIndustry well-known institutions, a global strategic partner

                                          Advantage of product innovation

                                          More than 10 years experience in the production of doors and windows of the technical team, production experience, the introduction of Germanautomatic production lines, and the wholeWell-known research institutes,colleges and universities for cooperation, won a number of design patents

                                          Brand advantage

                                          The workshop adopts 6S standardized management and ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. The product passes 5 inspection procedures before leaving the factory, which prevents the unqualified products from leaving the factory and has the anti-counterfeiting mark. The company owns the door flower shop and the national EIA certified paint shop, which ensures the delivery cycle.

                                          Market protection advantage

                                          No cross-border sales are strictly prohibited, regional protection is implemented all over the country to ensure the maximization of the interests of the partners.

                                          Advantage of information sharing

                                          If you sign up for the network and phone consultation in the area, we will give you the first time of customer information. You can easily get customer orders if you make a phone call.

                                          Year-end rebate advantage

                                          In addition to rich business returns, excellent franchisees will also have high annual returns. The company headquarters to implement various incentive policies to reward excellent sales partners. If set to reach annual sales, you can enjoy high rebate support

                                          Yoodn for the country to recruit
                                          excellent franchisee



                                          Promotional material support

                                          The company is equipped with Yu shield brand exquisite materials as gifts, promotional incentives, franchisee free of charge to the terminal customers, increase brand communication, make Yu shield popular brand.

                                          Build service support

                                          The company site visits, store decoration design, staff training, planning activities, and support the opening material gifts and a series of supporting services, better services to the franchisee.

                                          Packing and transportation support

                                          Free delivery within 100 km, more efficient and safe, logistics and transport customers free wooden packaging damaged, avoid.

                                          After-sale service support

                                          The perfect customer service service system, professional service team, check the shipment orders hotline, hotline, customer service hotline, the company is equipped with customer service car, professional customer service personnel on-site service, so that partners no worries.

                                          Decoration subsidy

                                          Yu shield gate according to the actual situation of dealers, help shop location, free design renderings, construction drawings; store area part of the decoration company in accordance with the subsidy cost

                                          Support training courses

                                          Yu shield to the needs of dealers with headquarters in Kinmen, regular training classes for dealers, the regional summit on free sales, products, skills and other professional knowledge, enhance your professional knowledge and sales skills.

                                          Advertising support

                                          Support dealers in the local brand promotion, advertising. Dealers provide promotional application, after approval by the company to pay for advertising, the required sales performance, the company can bear all the cost of advertising.

                                          Network promotion support

                                          Yu shield Kinmen headquarters established the official website of the brand, with a number of media channels, network promotion, and strive to further spread brand awareness. Assist dealers in leveraging the network channels to bring tourists Everfount.

                                          Yoodn Store Display
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                                          • Zhuhai Distributor: General Yao
                                            The quality and service consciousness of Yudun Jinmen are trustworthy!The year before last, we joined Yudun Golden Gate Store. As we have just come into contact with this industry, the manager of the ...
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                                          • Zhaoqing Distributor: Miss Yao
                                            Hello everyone! I'm Yudun's dealer in Zhaoqing, Guangdong: Yao Lifen. Acting for Yudun brand only lasted more than a year, but I watched it progress and change bit by bit. For the understandin...
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                                          • Guangzhou Taihe Distributor: Zeng Zong
                                            In 2015, we began to cooperate with Yu Dun. From ordinary distributors to franchise stores, we can not do without the company's support and help. Along the way, the rapid development of Yudun is o...
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                                          • Guangzhou Luobian Distributor: Miss Yan
                                            Innovation for development, quality for survival, with the cooperation of Yudun for eight years, but also witnessed the continuous development and growth of Yudun process, all the way together, hand i...
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                                          YOODN TEAM
                                          We educate employees "product equals character", requiring staff "staff to improve with the product," we also do it by word and deed "create people, produce quality!" In management, we emphasize "morality, ideology, strategy and surpassing". In behavior, we have achieved "consistent pace and unified command." 
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                                          Walk into the shield

                                          Foshan Yu shield doors and windows Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, with its product quality, production technology and the popular European and American design style, has won the recognition and trust of consumers.

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